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As usual in every MONSTRA edition we take a look on animation beyond the regular film screenings.

In this online edition, we will have the opportunity to host 5 masteclasses and 1 talk through Zoom, from Monday to Saturday at 6pm (Lisbon time, please see bellow the schedule for other time zones).

In order to participate in the Q&A, you must complete a pre-registration form for receiving an access link.

In the form, you must verify your subscription order code. You can check it in your personal area.




If you have not yet subscribed our festival pass, you must do it before applying to the masterclasses here.

Please note masterclasses are limited to 100 participants, but you can also watch it in our Facebook without participation.






Monday 25 May - 18h00 (GMT)


Arnaldo Galvão - Director and Producer (Brazil)

100 years of Brazilian animation





Tuesday 26 May - 18h00 (GMT)


Christophe Héral - Composer (France)

“Le Voyage du Prince” - music and animation





Wednesday 27 May - 18h00 (GMT)


Burak Sahin - Professor and Director (Turkey)

Animation as a way of thinking and educating





Thursday 28 May - 18h00 (GMT)


Eduard Puertas Anfruns - Director (Spain)

Easy stop-motion





Friday 29 May - 18h00 (GMT)


Raimund Krumme - Director (Germany)

Drawing and space in animated film





Saturday 30 May - 18h00 (GMT)


Ed Hooks - Actor and Professor (USA)

Acting for animators





Time Zones


All masterclasses are scheduled to 18:00 in Lisbon, London, Dublin time zone.


10:00 - Los Angeles

12:00 - México City

13:00 - New York, Havana, Montreal

14:00 - Brasília, S. Paulo, Rio Janeiro, Buenos Aires

17:00 - Praia

19:00 - Paris, Berlim, Barcelona, Zagreb, Madrid, Maputo

20:00 - Sofia, Athens, Tallinn, Istambul, Moscow

01:00 - Tapei, Beijing 

02:00 - Tokio

03:00 - Sidney

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