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1. Which films can I watch in this MONSTRA online edition?

We have available all the films from the short, student short, supershort and Portuguese competitions.

You can check the films in each program in its own page.

Disclaimer: the following films are only available in Portugal:

  • Nestor — Short Films 3 and Portuguese Competition programs
  • Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days — Short Films 4 and Portuguese Competition programs
  • Pile — Student Short Films 4 program

All the remaining films are available for streaming in every part of the World.

All the programs are rated 12+ years old.


2. How can I stream the films?

Films will only be available from May 25th to 31st after the purchase of a single subscription.

You must create an user account. Once logged in, you must subscribe the festival pass. You can do it anytime, but the films will only be available from May 25th to 31st.

Just like a movie theatre, capacity is limited. Our festival is limited to the first registered 800 users.


3. Which payment methods are available?

You can pay the subscription with credit / debit card or PayPal. You must choose the payment method once you checkout from your cart.


4. How can I have an invoice for my purchase?

In your account area, go to "my orders" > "view +" and you will see a link for downloading your invoice.

Disclaimer: if you wish your VAT number to be included, please go to "my personal infos" in your account area and fill your VAT number in its own box and save. Only after this step you should download your invoice.


5. I have a voucher. How can I use it?

You must create your login account and subscribe the "festival pass" in subscriptions menu.

Once the message "subscription added to cart" shows up, click "stay on page".

The menu "my cart" is now visible on the left column.

Click "view cart". You can now apply your voucher code and check out. Your subscription will be available instantly.

No payment method is needed when using a voucher.

Once a voucher is associated to an account, it is only valid for that account.


6. Can I watch all the films in an unlimited number of times?

Each user can watch all the programs a maximum of 5 times during the festival period, from May 25th to 31st.


7. Which devices can I watch the films in?

You can stream our programs in a computer, tablet or smartphone – wether it is Windows, macOS, Android or iOS.

iOS users must use a browser other than Safari.

It is possible to watch on TV through Chromecast or AirPlay services.

It is not possible for the same user to stream our films in different devices simultaneously.


8. Can I vote on the films?

A link for a voting form is available in each program info. You must vote from 1 (bad) to 5 (excelent) in each film.

It is not possible to vote on the Supershort Film Competition.

The form is totally anonnymous.


9. How can I access the masterclasses?

By subscribing the festival pass, you have access to participate in the masterclasses, which are limited to 100 participants.

For participating in the Q&A, you must ensure your access to the masterclass by completing a pre-registration form.

You can check the masterclasses program and apply here

Please note that for applying you must check your order code. You can access it in your personal area.

Masterclasses will also be broadcasted in our Facebook page for watching without participatng in the Q&A.


10. How will my personal data be treated?

The personal information given for creating your account is only accessible by our internal team and it will only be used in the context of your subscription management.




Please send us your queries through our contact form.

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